There’s No Free Lunch in Data Science: Top 10 Quotes

"Consider any of the heuristics that people have come up with for supervised learning: avoid overfitting, prefer simpler to more complex models, boost your algorithm, bag it, etc. The no free lunch theorems say that all such heuristics fail as…

Strategic Management

A Nail Keeps the Shoe

Probably one of the most misunderstood aspects for businesses is the implications the adoption of a new technology have in terms of effort, resources, infrastructure and changes, these considered before, during and post-implementation. Unfortunately, getting a new BI tool or ERP system is not like buying a new car, even…

Goals, Objectives & Requirements

One of the nowadays’ challenges is finding the right mix of technologies that allows building a solution for a business need. There are so many choices and the responsible person is easily tempted to use one of the trending technologies just because he wants to learn something new or the…

ERP Implementations


When designing a Data Migration (DM), respectively any software solution, it’s important to take inventory of project’s requirements, evaluate, document, communicate and monitor them accordingly. Each of them can have an important impact on the solution, as a solution’s success will be validated and judged upon them. Therefore, the…

Data Management

“The set of disciplines and methods to ensure the currency, meaning, and quality of a company’s reference data that is shared across various systems and organizations.” (Jill Dyché & Evan Levy, “Customer Data Integration”, 2006)

“The framework of processes and technologies aimed at creating and maintaining an authoritative, reliable, sustainable…

“A set of quantitative and qualitative methods that support and guide the extraction of information and knowledge from data to solve relevant problems and predict outcomes.” (Xiuli He et al, “Supply Chain Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities”, 2014)

“A collection of models, techniques and algorithms that focus on the issues of…

IT Governance

“The processes, policies, relationships, and mechanisms that ensure that information technology delivers business value while balancing risk and investment decisions. IT governance ensures accountability and provides rigor for managing IT capabilities in the context of a larger corporate governance framework.” (Evan Levy & Jill Dyché, “Customer Data Integration”, 2006)


Data Analytics

“Business Intelligence procedures and techniques for exploration and analysis of data to discover and identify meaningful information and trends.” (DAMA International, “The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management”, 2011)

“A data-driven process that creates insight. These processes incorporate a wide variety of techniques and may include manual analysis, reporting, predictive models…

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, technologies or tools are about extracting data from one or more data sources via a set of queries, performing changes on the data via conversions, aggregations, mappings or other types of transformations, respectively loading the data into target tables or other type of repositories.


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