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Decision Support System (DSS): 10 Definitions

“Interactive computer-based systems intended to help decision makers utilize data and models to identify and solve problems and make decisions.” (D J Power, “Decision Support Systems Hyperbook”, 2000)

“The automated process to provide facts and information to facilitate decision-making activities. Usually DSS involves the analysis of many units of data in a heuristic fashion.” (Margaret Y Chu, “Blissful Data “, 2004)

“A system used to support managerial decisions. Usually DSS involves the analysis of many units of data in a heuristic fashion. As a rule, DSS processing does not involve the update of data.” (William H Inmon, “Building the Data Warehouse”, 2005)

“Commonly known as DSS databases, these support decisions, generally more management-level and even executive-level decision-type of objectives.” (Gavin Powell, “Beginning Database Design”, 2006)

“A branch of the broadly defined management information system (MIS). It is an information system that provides answers to problems and that integrates the decision maker into the system as a component. The system utilizes such quantitative techniques as regression and financial planning modeling. DSS software furnishes support to the accountant in the decision — making process.” (Jae K Shim & Joel G Siegel, “Budgeting Basics and Beyond”, 2008)

“Information processing application used by managers and business professionals to analyze situations, monitor and compare performance data, highlight changes that require their attention, and to identify the more promising solutions. DSSs are one component of the overall MIS content for a business” (Kenneth A Shaw, “Integrated Management of Processes and Information”, 2013)

“A DSS is an interactive computer-based system or subsystem intended to help decision makers use communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge, or models to identify and solve problems, complete decision process tasks, and make decisions.” (Ciara Heavin & Daniel J Power, “Decision Support, Analytics, and Business Intelligence” 3rd Ed., 2017)

“A computer-based information system that supports individual or team decision making. Five primary types: communications-driven, data-driven, document-driven, knowledge­driven, and data-driven DSS.” (Daniel J Power & Ciara Heavin, “Data-Based Decision Making and Digital Transformation”, 2018)

“A computer-based system that supports organizational decision-making activities. Oftentimes, this type of system is used when data is changing rapidly or is not easy to extrapolate.” (Solutions Review)

“An application primarily used to consolidate, summarize, or transform transaction data to support analytical reporting and trend analysis.” (IDW BI)

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