Unfortunately, the few pieces of information get lost in explanations that don’t necessarily make sense in the considered context or take too much time to read. There is also information which is partially true or not optimally exposed. Some sections skim through topics, while others take longer than needed.

Personally, I feel that this needs to be rewritten and restructured to simplify the content. This can be easily split in 3-4 posts for better readability. The first section doesn’t belong in this post. You need a section that introduces the reader into the problem and/or solution. The technical vs business date section seem to belong in own post. Techniques are better when given with examples that the reader can eventually use to understand the topic.

PS: Mistake is something that is corroborated with an error, bug or failure. One talks usually about poor or good practices, or misuse of functionality. Knowledge is relative, therefore one must be careful with certain formulations, especially when some uses are heavily context-dependent.

Keep writing! Only thus one can improve his style